Trance4legends CXXXVI TRANCEvirus CLASSICS 6.0 "R3SIST Coronavirus"

by: EspiralTrance

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Hello sisters and brothers of 馃挅 Trance 馃挅, Welcome to chapter 136, Today on Easter Sunday and in times of tribulation and with COVID doing its thing, Jesus Christ seems to me a good reference and source of inspiration, a session full of legendary classics from Trance faithful to my uplifting tech style and brushstrokes of the best remember, with Michael MInd Armin van buuren 4Strings Cosmic gate Yoji Biomehanika for the ants of hard tranc I hope you like it and thanks for the support.

Hola hermanas y hermanos of 馃挅 Trance 馃挅,Bienvenidos al capitulo 136,Hoy en Domingo de resurrecion y en tiempos de tribulaci贸n y con el COVID haciendo de las suyas,jesucristo me parece un buen referente y fuente de inspiraci贸n,una sesi贸n llena de cl谩sicos legendarios del Trance fiel a mi estilo uplifting tech y pinceladas del mejor remember,con Michael MInd Armin van buuren 4Strings Cosmic gate Yoji Biomehanika para los amentes del hard trancespero que os guste y gracias por el apoyo.

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