90'S & 2000'S R&B PARTY MIX ~ MIXED BY DJ XCLUSIVE G2B ~ Destiny's Child, Usher, 112, Ashanti & More

by: DJXclusiveG2B

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1.Wild Thoughts ~ DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

2.Independent Women Pt.1 ~ Destiny's Child

3.Only You ~ 112 ft. Biggie & Mase

4.Pop That Booty ~ Marques Houston ft. Jermaine Dupri

5.Superwoman Pt.2 ~ Fabolous ft. Lil' Mo

6.Bump Bump Bump ~ B2K ft. P Diddy

7.Just A Friend ~ Mario

8.Gangsta Lovin' ~ Alicia Keys ft. Eve

9.Put It On Me ~ Ja Rule ft. Vita

10.B.u.d.d.y ~ Musiq

11.Unfoolish ~ AShanti ft. Biggie

12.I Need A Girl Pt.1 ~ P Diddy ft. Usher & Loon

13.Jumpin' Jumpin' ~ Destiny's Child

14.Bad Girl ~ Usher

15.Down Ass Bitch ~ Ja Rule ft. Charlie Baltimore

16.My Boo ~ Alicia Keys ft. Usher

17.Hold You Down ~ Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe

18.Dip It Low ~ Christina Milian

19.I'm Real ~ Ja Rule ft. Jennifer Lopez

20.All I Have ~ Jennifer Lopez ft. LL Cool J

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