The Least

by: AwesomeTown

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A Trobairitz Flanders mix for the new decade. Produced during COVID19 lockdown.

I love the Dubstep form. The idea is to imply two different rhythms - Dub and Garage - at the same time. Many producers do this by making creative use of negative space, leaving out the bits of a drumline that would make it one or the other, and filling in the bits around them. They all do it differently, so the individual pieces fit together like a puzzle.

The artwork is concept art by the exceptional Stephan Martiniere ( for a PC game called Uru: Ages Beyond Myst by Cyan Inc. A puzzle game, one of its main themes is the idea that, as a civilisation grows more sophisticated, its values become increasingly inverted. The "age" depicted plays this theme up with motifs that imply that what's important is what's missing. Among other things, the design makes creative use of negative space.

The sentiment is, I think, apt for our times.

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