Alex Cruz - Deep & Sexy Podcast #23

by: Alex Cruz

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Deep & Sexy Podcast no.23 - Live recorded at Necker Island. Last week I had the honour to play at sir Richard Branson's own private Island, which is part of the British Virgin islands. After a show in Panama, a show on top of a mountain in Utah with a stunning sunset, these tracks came out of my recordbag on this beautiful island. The environment of a beach, a BIG hot tub, palm trees, cocktails and amazingly smart, intelligent and most of all FUN people I played a 4 hour set (with live on Violin mister Dave Kim and support by legend DJ John Dill) until we took the last boat off of the island at 3:30am. An amazing adventure! I have been in the studio again the last couple of days to be sure that some new tracks will come your way soon! Have fun listening for now and see you soon! Hasta la vista!

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